Compliance Report

Compliance report for the month of December 2022
Sl.No. Grievances and actions taken Number
1. Grievances pending at the beginning of the month 0
2. Grievances received during the month 5
3. Grievances disposed out of (1) above 0
4. Grievances disposed out of (2) above NA
5. Grievances pending at the end of the month (1+2-3-4) 5
6. Classification of grievances disposed
6(a) Grievances not related to code of Ethics Nil
6(b) Grievances related to code of Ethics: Nil
(i) Agreed to by the Publisher and action taken
(ii) Not agreed to by the publisher
(iii) Any other action taken
7. Orders. Directions and advisories received from Central Government and Self-regulatory Bodies
7(a) Number of Orders, directions and advisories received Nil
7(b) Orders, directions and advisories complied to NA